Movie Night Nostalgia!

My husband and I have heard a lot of talk about the anniversary of the first Legally Blond movie so we decided to watch it. We have always enjoyed Reese Witherspoon but felt that that particular movie was probably not going to be our style. We didn’t know what to expect and it turned out we were quite wrong. We’ll catch up with #2 this week!

Since I didn’t enjoy the privilege of attending an Ivy League college and not knowing very much about that whole college thing since I went to community college first and then a proper but urban university to finish my bachelor’s degree, I had always envied the people who could leave home at 18, spend 4 years studying (whatever that meant for each individual) and then graduating and begin ‘real’ life. My life has always been very ‘real’. But I digress.

I don’t know if Harvard really allows a person to have a pet in the dorm but our protagonist had hers and it was a tiny chihuahua named Bruiser! A couple of things struck me. First, that the dog’s name was Bruiser when she was clearly anything but…and how much she resembled our little runt Sol who sadly passed away almost 5 years ago. Sol was not a chihuahua but she must have had part in her because she was so much smaller than the other 5 puppies in the litter. They were all so different. Sol’s mother was not very tender or attentive to her, we had to help her latch on for her feedings or she would have died because the others in her family were big and strong. Our daughter took Sol under her wing and they were best friends forever until Sol passed. That was a very sad day.

Watching the movie last night made me reminisce about Sol, all her good points and the things that drove me crazy. One thing for sure though, Sol eventually realized none of us wanted to harm her and became more confident when she was around us. She lived for almost 15 years. Not so shabby. I hope she is in doggie heaven, they all deserve that!

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