A Very Busy Week

I took off last week from writing in my blogs and I have to admit I feel pretty bad about it. I had a wonderful excuse, all my children were in town and we had an exceptional time, but I felt that I was missing the daily routine that I had gotten into at the beginning of this year. One more run to the airport this tomorrow and our home will once again be quiet for a while.

Sometimes I wonder what Lila makes of all this. For a few days, she was the happy recipient of extra cuddles and kisses, not to mention animal cookies and the occasional human food that she managed to secure as it was making its way from plate to floor (unintentionally, of course).

Our family is blessed. Despite the expected tensions that happen when family is all grown up and regroups after a while, we managed more laughter than tears, more fun than discord and I believe it is safe to say we will do it again soon. If we can ever get Otis, the cat and Lila, the dog to meet, greet and be friends, that will be even more marvelous.

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