Mondays, Always Tough!

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I try to write in this blog every Monday. Mondays are my busiest of days because it is the day that I do laundry, wash my hair and generally spend time getting the house ready for the rest of the week.

Two decades ago, I found Marla Cilley, AKA The Fly Lady. She was heaven-sent. Taught me how to “jump in where we are” and spend 15 minutes a day decluttering a particular space so that over time, the entire house would be presentable enough that if a person called and said they needed to come right over, it could happen. Thank goodness that I more or less stick to a schedule, I don’t know how other people manage their lives letting dishes pile up in the sink or laundry become mountainous.

Our daughter went away for a few days. Her flight got too delayed today to make her connection, so she will come home tomorrow instead of tonight. That is okay with her dad and me but I am sure her poor cat will notice her absence. I am not really a cat person. I thought, though, that her cat and I had somewhat bonded. I don’t know what happened and I suppose I need to blame myself in a way but the other morning, he showed me some aggressive behavior as he dug his nails into me and hissed in a scary manner. I was very upset. Naturally, I have always known he is not a cuddly cat and stuff but he had never pounced on me like that before.

I immediately washed the spot and noticed some additional spots where he got me and I don’t know how he did it, it was a microsecond! When I returned to my home I immediately rushed to apply some antibiotic and then I read up on all the things that could be happening to me in the next few hours since I am the kind of person for whom this kind of violence turns into a death sentence and for sure he had injected me with some poison. I laugh now but in the moment, it was not amusing. I kept checking out my arm, watching for signs of sepsis (see what I mean?) but other than some mild pain and slight swelling, nothing bad really happened. It was no worse than the Covid-19 shot.

Naturally, after being angry with him, I then turned the anger towards me because I know that this behavior on his part meant I did something I should not have. I looked at it from his perspective. He has been on a diet…poor thing. I think my mistake was to get too close to him while he was circling his (empty) bowl. My intention of course was to take it to the kitchen, rinse it and add some yummy new food. But cats can’t read minds, can they? He felt invaded. In retrospect, I can’t blame him. Another thing is that lately, I have been with him and my daughter on trips to the veterinarian which he clearly does not like. He probably associates me negatively these days and I suppose that is a reality I need to deal with.

I won’t pretend everything is okay with me because I am still a little anxious around him. I lure him into another room while I quickly get his bowl, wash it, refill it and set it down. He is no dummy, he circles me and meows. But I think he knows I am no dummy either and today he actually rubbed his (thinner) body around my leg like he used to when we were better friends. I have not entirely forgiven him but since my daughter is planning to leave again for a couple of months and can’t take him with her just yet, he and I just better become friends!

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