An Inauspicious Monday

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I can’t remember having had a more difficult Monday for a long, long time. Everything seems to be going haywire today and it isn’t even Mercury being in retrograde.

Mondays are usually busy but today has been crazy and busy. My husband’s bank card was swallowed by the ATM in our small town. Unbelievably, it happens often but we still have to wait until Friday or even longer when the cash machine is emptied out by bank personnel. It is hard to believe that a machine just a few blocks away from the main branch can’t be emptied every day. I know we are in a small town, but really?

I find myself overwhelmed with the simplest of chores and I know that I need to get them out of the way so I can enjoy a free Tuesday devoted to my plants, my writing and my office. It sounds easy but it is actually quite complicated. Losing 2 hours waiting at the bank was no fun and getting no satisfactory response is even worse. But I suppose this is what we’ve got and the best thing to do is just accept it calmly and move on. The restrictions and protocols due to Covid-19 are making it more and more difficult for personnel everywhere to be as efficient as they once were. I ask myself if we will ever return to the bustling times we once knew.

I look at my daughter’s cat and then observe our dog and realize that for them, life just moves on. Maybe for today, I can pretend to be a pet…let someone feed me, change my water and entertain me for a while!

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