“Lucky” to be Alive!


When I first started this blog about 10 years ago, Lucky had already died. She showed up on the construction site around 20 years ago when she was still a puppy. I begged the guys on the job to keep an eye on her, not to let her get tangled up with other canines because I didn’t want to be responsible for more dogs than the one (Winnie) that we had already adopted from a shelter. Naturally, construction workers are busy with their building and I couldn’t be on the site 24/7 to watch over her so nature took its course and eventually we found ourselves with 10 dogs!

Lucky had 8 puppies, her runt was Sol and it was difficult going with them because Lucky seemed to take pointed dislike to Sol. To be fair, Sol was very, very nervous and rarely got any food unless the humans helped her, first latching on to her mom and later making sure the other dogs didn’t steal her food. Eventually we were able to distribute most of the puppies but ended up with Sol because no one wanted to take her. Naturally the first order of business for me was to have them both sterilized to prevent more unwanted pregnancies. In the years that followed, Lucky and Sol came to love each other and they were our outside dogs while Winnie remained Queen of the Interior.

Lucky was a marvelous companion. She had the power to “smile” somehow but if you didn’t know she was smiling, those exposed teeth were a little scary. She enjoyed her freedom, walking all over town and returning when she knew it was time to be a watchdog. Unfortunately, ticks and fleas were our constant enemies and although we did everything to contain her, she eventually caught and died from ehrlichia. She was around 7 years old and we were all heartbroken. Soon after Lucky died, Sol became an indoor dog because it was too sad to leave her out on her own. Winnie and Sol didn’t interact much, each respecting the other’s space. In time, Sol and Winnie were joined by Canela and then Lila.

As I was perusing my blog this morning, I realized that I had promised to upload a picture of Lucky and a decade went by before I did it (just today). That is just amazing. A whole decade seemed like yesterday. And I posted it today because I consider myself “lucky” to be alive after a traffic accident I was involved in last Friday. The week ended on the same negative note as Monday had with difficult days in between. I pray I don’t have a repeat of that any time soon. These are crazy times. Covid, Afghanistan, Haiti…rains, fires, etc. It is hard not to feel depressed. I look at our Lila, the one who remains and know she senses our anxiety and stands close by ready to comfort. Thank heavens for our pets.

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