Ready for My Close-Up!

I recently decided there isn’t very much I can control outside of my immediate circle of influence. Since that’s the case, I’ve begun to actually write down the things that I can control which are actually a lot if I just put my mind to it.

Lila’s grooming is certainly something I can arrange. Even though my husband and I would love to be able to take care of that task ourselves, we no longer enjoy going up and down on our knees, getting her wet, covering her with the shampoo, rinsing, drying, getting soaked when she tries to get away from us, etc. We have been good dog owners I think, and she is just such a sweetheart, we let the professionals take care of the grooming. Here in Costa Rica, grooming is really quite affordable and even cheaper if you bring your own shampoo, which we have begun to do.

Generally speaking Lila is very cooperative. Last week, though, she decided that she was going to leave a little present on the sidewalk in front of the groomers. I was shocked and had to resort to fishing a bag out of my pocketbook that held some valuable items. It doesn’t do to be a whistle-blower of sorts in the town and then let your own dog leave her droppings in a place where innocent passersby would step in them. I couldn’t let that happen, even if the shop owner hadn’t seen the entire scene unfold. I admit, I was a little surprised and need to remember to come prepared at all times. This is not something that I can control.

As usual, Lila behaved beautifully with the groomer and now she is ready for the many photographs I enjoy taking of her when she looks this good.

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