Pet Bribing, Does It Work?

I’ve been cat sitting my daughter’s Otis for a few days. Although I had done it before, in the last few months I have not seen very much of him so I feel like we are starting over which is a bit nerve-wracking for me because I have not been known for my fondness of cats. I do however, enjoy a challenge and this time I am certain we are going to get along great.

I ventured out to one neighborhood pet store to seek toys that I could use as a bribing tool to cement our friendship. I think I may have wasted my time and money. I have not opened all the toys at once to give him something to look forward to but judging by his “non interest” in the two I did lay out, perhaps I should rethink this idea. Cats are very savvy. I think he knows or can sense what I am trying to do and he is pointedly ignoring my efforts.

Earlier he was hiding from me and if I hadn’t been absolutely certain that I had not left the house, I would have thought he had somehow escaped. What a nightmare that would have been. Once, long ago, I had left a door open and when I couldn’t find him, I thought for sure he had escaped and was now in danger of being hit by a vehicle or something. Fortunately, he was hiding from a repairman and the lesson was taught to me. I never leave any doors open no matter how short my errand might be. You know how it is in a small town, you go out for a minute and before you know it, you get caught up in a conversation and so it goes.

For today Otis and I are enjoying ignoring one another. He is probably enjoying it more than I am since I do compare his behavior to my dog’s. She can’t stand to be away from me if I am sitting down to write. She will be by my feet the entire time, just silently being comforted by the sound of my fingertips tapping my creative thoughts to the blog. Not sure which behavior inspires me more. Food for thought…

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