We’re Getting On…

As I am new to cat companionship, I confess I give Otis a pretty wide berth. He is not one for cuddling so I stay away and try to remember that he is not a dog and will not wag his tail lovingly every time I step into the room. If I can just remember that all the time, the two of us should have no problem “bonding”.

After our initial awkwardness, we seem to have accepted one another. I follow his lead and he has slowly become more comfortable with my presence. In the morning, he comes to the door, I slowly bend down and offer my hand and he sniffs and rubs against it. I am not an ambitious person so I just acknowledge him in a quiet voice and begin to prepare his food. As I write this, he is making contact with my legs but I try not to “read” too much into it.

Earlier this morning, I was working at the computer and suddenly, out of nowhere, Otis jumped from the floor to the table and I found myself so startled I almost lashed out. I didn’t know what it was at first, then I realized his eyes were looking directly at mine and he was standing on top of my files and papers. His face was too close for comfort, frankly, he still has sharp nails and teeth after all, and I am still getting used to him. I stopped breathing as he slowly made his way to the opposite end of the table to survey the surroundings. I admit I feel pretty silly right now but in the moment, I felt no judgment about the panic mode I went into.

When I told my daughter about this event, she answered that progress was being made and that Otis was trying to tell me he wanted to “hang” with me. That’s not nothing and I am glad it is working for all of us at the moment. Not saying I will get myself a kitten but it’s nice to know that if I did, I now have a much better understanding of cats and myself.

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