Costa Rica’s Independence

Photo by Pau Delgado on

We are celebrating Costa Rica’s 200th Anniversary of Independence from Spain. It is not the proper day but in order to help domestic and international tourism, from 2020 to 2024, our celebrations will take place on either the Friday or the Monday closest giving people the opportunity to enjoy a long weekend. I personally don’t think it’s such a great idea, and I honestly don’t think it helps with tourism in these Covid days but I didn’t run for office and have no say in the matter. Independence is a great thing, just ask Otis, the cat.

Our pets probably don’t understand what is going on for them in the last couple of years. First we are absent for hours on end, coming to them only to feed them and pet them absent-mindedly and suddenly, there we are all the time. I need to control myself sometimes around Otis because I forget that he is not a dog. He doesn’t need my constant attention regardless of what I think! Lila, our dog, on the other hand seems starved for affection (my bad) and when I am writing, she will glue herself to the floor and let me know how happy she is I am beside her. Curious behavior on both their parts and lately I have begun to take note of their differences. They are in different houses all the time, so there is no opportunity for them to interact. Judging by their personalities, Lila would not win any battle if she attempted to befriend aloof Otis who is more than happy in his own company.

Caring for a cat is a new activity for me. I feel guilty if I don’t spend time with Otis but I know he couldn’t care less. On the other hand, he seems genuinely happy when I approach the front door. He has now begun to nudge me and talks to me even when it is not time to feed him. Yesterday, I caught him staring intently at an iguana outside; I wonder what goes through his head. Fortunately, there seem to be no mice he can bring me and the iguana is far enough away that he might be safe…for now!

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