A Career in Pet Sitting?

Photo by Sarah Chai on Pexels.com

It began as a joke, actually. I teased that maybe I would become a pet sitter and travel all over the world. I didn’t know if there was such a career but since I have been taking care of Otis, the cat, and we have become somewhat attached, I could understand some of my acquaintances wanting to pet sit for extra income and a change of scenery. Since I also enjoy learning about obscure things (like pet sitting as a career), I decided to do a search. Well, well. What I found truly surprised me and yet, if I hadn’t found so much that would have surprised me too.

My early childhood in Costa Rica did not prepare me for the completely different lifestyle awaiting me in Brooklyn. It’s too bad I wasn’t quite “awake” during my childhood, I think I was in a kind of fog/fugue/trance and spent a lot of time daydreaming instead of paying attention. I know that I had a lot on my plate as a youngster but that is no excuse. There are people whose immigration experience was more calamitous than mine and yet they recall the small and large details of their daily experience with enough clarity to write best-sellers. I think my experience is equally interesting, I just wish I remembered more!

One of the biggest changes of course was the language. Closely following that was the availability of material things that we could now obtain. Like a television set, a year later, a car, a bike for each child, candies in all shapes, tastes and sizes. One of my favorite activities as a kid was reading comics and magazines. I especially enjoyed the glossy fashion/teen ones as I got older and later I transitioned to more “serious” ones like Time and Forbes as I entered the working world. I used to work near the Twin Towers and one of my favorite places to visit weekly was the newsstand where one could find hundreds of newspapers and magazines, something for every hobby, interest, etc. and in many languages.

But I digress…I am meant to be writing about Pet Sitting as A Career. My search led me to a wide range of websites which I perused for fun. I rarely do anything “for fun” so that is actually quite a bit of success. I read a little and realized that pet sitting as a career is indeed something people do. Not only that, there are people who do it internationally. The yearly membership fee for some organizations is not outrageous and there is a lot that you get for your money. They hold conferences, they sell products, they insure pet sitters and help with training and offer other types of support. The most amazing thing is that there is a magazine one can subscribe to that also addresses pet sitters and pet parents. Once there is a magazine for it, in my opinion, the career is cemented. I am not going to become a pet sitter anytime soon but I was delighted to learn there is such a thing. Perhaps a pet sitter will be a character in one of my future novels. Pet sitters and pet lovers are usually good people. I enjoy writing about good people.

Otis wonders if he’s included in my writing!

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