Mercury’s Retrograde

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I’ve always been fascinated by astrology. It’s been a hobby since I was a kid but I probably would have made more of it if I had had more leisure time. Not asking for sympathy, it is what it is. I have made it to 66 pretty much unscathed when I compare my circumstances to other people’s.

So back to astrology, an amusing pseudoscience some will say but more than ever something not to be dismissed so easily. Last week, I learned that Mercury is in Retrograde. For those of us who follow or at least are aware of these phenomena, it happens often during each year. Whenever it is present, communications are kooky. I have experienced several trivial communication mishaps but enough of them that I am being very careful about the things that I do. And how about what happened yesterday with the FB, IG, WA chaos? I was unable to post my Monday offering on this blog and today, I have no idea what I can write about that can pertain to cats and dogs.

I have been observing both my dog and Otis my daughter’s cat for signs that their signals are crossed in Mercury’s retrograde but I admit that I am not sure it affects them in the same way I am affected by it. My almost new (2 years) expensive MBP had issues last week. I finally figured out that a couple of ports were fried. I knew I had purchased extended warranty protection but as with any insurance, the company looks for ways to not honor the insurance. Naturally, they determined that the policy applied only if I had the machine serviced at the place I purchased it…New York…where I have no plans to go in the near future due to all this Covid stuff. After more than a decade of being a loyal Apple user, I am now familiarizing myself with Windows on an HP. Worse things could have happened. It has not been all bad and I am proud of my flexibility.

Both Otis and Lila enjoy lying at my feet as I type away my essays and that is about the extent of sharing about them this week.

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