Happy in Retirement with Animal Companions!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

It has taken me a few months to adjust to the fact that I really am a Senior Citizen. I think the scariest thing that happened to me recently was learning that at my age (66) if I got Covid, there might be some debate as to whether or not to admit me into a hospital or let nature take its course and deal with the outcome. I don’t think anything has slapped me in the face more forcefully than that. I have lived more than what I have left!

I feel very young and since I am overweight, my wrinkles are not very pronounced. One look at my hands, though and an expert could probably make an educated guess. I breathe deeply and try to retain the beauty my eyes see for a time when maybe they will begin to fail. I hope that day is not close. I was up all night remembering my mother who lived with Alzheimers the last decade of her life. By the time she died, she had been gone for a very long time. I miss her every day still, I suppose that is normal. I know she lived a good life and was a great mentor to many, it is so sad what that disease destroys. I hope I will be spared and learn all I can about what I can do to prevent it.

But this is a blog about pets animal companions. And rather than being maudlin about all the pets animal companions we have lost over the years, I enjoy watching and interacting with Lila, our 11 year old sweet mutt and Otis, my daughter’s cat that I am “sitting” while she is away. They are unique, or maybe all of us owners guardians think our charges are more unique than all others! It doesn’t matter, really, we are here to keep each other company and my aging body, mind and face are of no interest at all to them when I come in from the outside world. Lila runs over for some caresses and Otis will sniff my proffered hand, each day with less suspicion.

I have learned a lot from these animals companions and in my next blog I hope to be able to get through the entire essay without having to resort to the PETA handbook on the alternative words used to describe our complicated relationship. Welcome to the new world of semantics, I guess.

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