A Bittersweet Monday

It is a bittersweet Monday. I have tons of laundry pending but I want to write briefly so that I don’t miss another week on this blog. I look at the picture of Otis above and I get a knot in my throat. Otis’ “mom”, my daughter, is coming home tomorrow and leaving with him in tow later this week. They will re-establish their connection in a new location after having been separated for almost two months. I didn’t realize how attached to him I have become and while I know that he couldn’t care less (at least that’s what cat experts claim), I like to think he too has bonded with me.

Everything is ready for her arrival. I changed his litter box yesterday, purchased all the necessary items I think he will need because I know my daughter has been very busy and I know that Otis is in very good health and has enjoyed the last few months of living in this tropical climate, looking out the window observing the birds and occasionally munching on tiny geckos. I felt sorry for the geckos but Otis was too quick for me and in hunting mode, he can be quite frightening. I preferred to give him lots of space.

Life will go back to “normal” for me. I will have more freedom when I go out, not worrying about how much time the little fellow has been on his own. It is hard for me to accept that cats really don’t care about us, but everything I read and know instinctively seems to confirm that. I will say, however, that when Otis is left alone for too many hours, there is an attitude of even more aloofness in his manner when I arrive at the front door. He either doesn’t rub his body on my legs or darts off to another room. Fortunately in the almost 8 weeks we have been together, I have only experienced that rejection from him twice. I think we both did well.

I toy with the idea of getting a cat but it is a huge undertaking and I think I would do it for the wrong reasons…as a replacement for Otis. And let’s face it, no new companion can ever replace one that has been in the family for a few years. In our case, Otis has been in the family for 5 years now. In “human terms” Otis is around 36, I remember that as being a very good age myself. Here’s a toast to cats everywhere!

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