Perennial Amusement!

How can you not love a face like this? Otis is adapting to his new environment. I miss him in ways that surprise me! I have never been a cat lover although I appreciate the ways in which they keep critters away from us. Now that Otis is absent, I see more gecko droppings and spider webs but aside from that, I look around and see reminders of him: the odd toy that has been left behind, the cans of food that he wasn’t able to eat, the water fountain that has been turned off but I can still hear the calming gurgling. Maybe I’ll turn it back on and really enjoy the vibe.

Thinking about Otis makes me wonder what our four legged companions think when they are suddenly taken from their familiar surroundings and plopped somewhere completely new. We have been permanent residents of one location for over 20 years, not too many people in our circle of friends can say the same thing. It is quite an accomplishment if you look at it in a certain way and our pets have not ever had to readjust to anything except, I guess, the loss of each other. Lila is now our only companion. I am not sure we can think about bringing another furry pal in since both my husband and I are into other projects and living beings require and deserve a full commitment. I have a hard enough time getting things done for the humans, the four legged companions get even less of it. I don’t want to resent them so we need to think about it long and hard.

Lila has become very needy. She doesn’t like to be alone. She follows my husband or me around the house and is pleased when the two of us choose the same room to settle down in. She loves her sleep and she loves her people. When I am writing (and I try to do that as often as I can) she settles herself on my feet so deeply, I am literarily her prisoner. It’s endearing but somewhat anxiety producing. Still, having this kind of unconditional love is something every human should experience in their lifetime. I am glad we have had these pals and I know that our children are as well since they too have chosen to be responsible caregivers to their own companions.

picture of Otis courtesy of my daughter

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