Each Day a Little Older, a Little Slower

Poor Lila has been limping a little the last day or two. Since I spend most of my day to and fro doing things in and out of the house, I really don’t focus too much on her whereabouts all the time but I did notice she was unusually “lazy” even for her. Then my husband remarked that she had chased an iguana earlier and had somehow managed to hurt herself in the bargain. I understood then the source of her limp.

Lila has been with us for more than 11 years. She appeared out of nowhere. She had hurt her paw so it was impossible not to welcome her (temporarily) while we advertised her arrival in case she belonged to someone in the neighborhood. We made an appointment with our local vet who already saw our other three dogs. He taped her paw, gave us medication and suggested rest. It was a time when my daughter and I were alone with our pets since my husband and our sons were away.

From the very start, Lila exhibited behaviors that puzzled us. Her stance was similar to that of a horse. When she arrived, she had a collar and a partially chewed leash so we assumed she had probably been tied up somewhere and was clever and escaped. Her breed is unknown but we believe Labrador with either Shar-Pei or Chow, she has a black tongue and skin problems! I admit our efforts to find her owners all but disappeared when we learned that someone had actually seen her escape from her owners. Sometimes I think owners in our neighborhood don’t think about what it means to adopt pets and then look for convenient ways to let them escape.

After 11 years with Lila, she has begun to slow down. Chasing and catching an iguana would have been a victory for her even just 3 years ago. The fact that she not only did not catch it this time and got hurt in the bargain is a reminder that time is passing, for her, for us. But in the meantime, we will enjoy each other’s company. Best friends for sure.

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