A-Resting Lila!

Lila seems to be all better from whatever it was that caused her limp…I suspect a tiny shard from a fallen, dead tree branch that I found beside her a few days ago. But she continues to just want to lie down unless she hears the unmistakable opening sounds made when my husbands gets her “cookies”. She is just such a sweetheart, it is hard to believe this is the same dog that used to run circles around her other siblings.

Every once in a while I entertain the idea of getting another dog. My husband and I are senior citizens but I don’t think we are old enough to not be able to outlast another dog which is a major consideration. However, both of us agree that maybe it is time to spend quality years with Lila and say that’s that when the time comes. I agree with him about being too old to be training a puppy and too nervous to adopt an animal pal that may have more quirks than Lila did when she first came.

These days, we are enjoying listening to the doings of our children’s companions and wonder what is in store for them going forward. The U.S. is a crazy place to live and pet companions are so beloved that businesses that cater to them and the people who love them are doing wonderfully. My son told me yesterday that he and his wife pay over $1000 a year for “Pet Insurance”. This has not come to Costa Rica yet, but I have a feeling that it may not be far behind. All these things really do make one pause and think about the responsibilities going forward.

For today, I am happy to sit here writing in my blogs and watching as Lila finds a comfortable spot on the floor near my feet. It is a good life, for her and for us.

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