Another Year is Ending!

The house is quiet right now. I sit before my computer and a few moments later, our Lila is at my feet. It is a comforting daily routine for us. I bask in the companionship and loyalty she silently provides.

Our furry companions are amazing. Thousands of years of interaction with us humans have made them experts on our behaviors and reciprocally good at communicating their needs. I treasure our mutually-beneficial relationship.

As I make my way to the refrigerator this afternoon in search of something to satisfy my hunger, Lila stays put until she hears the wrapper of the American cheese I am opening. She loves American cheese. I know it’s really not a great choice for me but every once in a while, nothing else quite fits the bill. I don’t give Lila any cheese because it is too close to her “cookie” time but I chuckle at her response to the wrapper…it’s as if she could smell it through the plastic. I am making an open sandwich with pickles and tomatoes and I know it will taste wonderful. So will her cookie in another 30 minutes!

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