As We Begin the New Year…

Lila takes her place at my feet, as usual. As I observe her breathing, I am filled with some trepidation at her advancing years. I know that we need to face some harsh realities, she is getting older as we are. Perhaps a good thing would have been to get a puppy a couple of years ago to challenge her and keep her young but my husband and I were and remain reluctant to begin all over again just when we are seeing some of our commitments lessen as a result of our retirement.

While Lila seems okay there is no denying she is a little more nervous and clingy than days gone by. This week I will set up an appointment with the veterinarian so that she can get her yearly check up and rabies shot and I suppose get blood work and whatever else he recommends to make sure everything we observe is just a result of age and not anything major. If there is anything wrong then we need to make some hard choices. Hopefully it won’t come to that.

Our daughter lives in New Orleans where she is helping to establish and run a Bed & Breakfast. So far the experience has been challenging but the reviews are wonderful and she is enjoying herself. If it proves to be a profitable venture, she will most likely remain in New Orleans and make a long-term plan. For now, it is work, work, work while they build their reputation and save some money. Perhaps the future will find her hiring people to do the grunt work she now has to do so she could devote herself to some more creative endeavors. She took her cat Otis with her and since he is such a horrible traveler (not only my opinion!) she does not see a future in another state for the time being. She is hopeful that she will never have to take him on another plane ride so I suppose I will be traveling to see him again in the future. Although I am not really a “cat” person, we did bond and there are times that just looking at pictures of him fills me with nostalgia. There is still the odd scratch here and there on me but I tend to forget all about that.

Our four-legged companions have made it possible for the world to navigate a second year of Covid. With new variations emerging and continued contradictions on how to manage our lives going forward, they are the constant that allows us to keep the focus off ourselves while we attend to their needs. Although my husband is more hands-on with Lila, I enjoy taking her for walks around our property and observing her stance when she encounters an “intruder” (human or not) or gets startled by a branch or twig she hadn’t noticed before. I am looking forward to another year of fun with Lila as I continue to explore the many facets of living with our pals.

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