If It’s Monday, It’s Lila’s Day

Every time Lila comes back from the groomer’s she is wearing a bandana. I usually take her picture and send it to the kids. My husband doesn’t like the bandana so he takes it off. Yesterday, he had taken off the bandana before I took the picture. The first thing the kids remarked upon was “Hey, how come no bandana?” which made me laugh because I didn’t think they had ever really paid attention to that detail.

Winnie (RIP) was our cocker spaniel golden retriever mix and that poor darling had to endure two bows at her ears that were actually attached to her with silicone. After the third or fourth grooming session I simply asked the groomer to leave the bows out. Fortunately they did and I eventually learned how to groom Winnie myself to save her from that. Winnie was smaller, grooming her was much easier. Lila is a nervous dog and also at least twice the size; I let the professionals take care of her. They are very sweet to her so I can’t complain about that and they never have anything but nice things to say about her behavior. It is a good arrangement.

I think about all the animal companions (does anyone still dare to call them “pets”?) we have had over the years. Three of them were never candidates for grooming. They occasionally got outdoor baths but I can’t remember cutting their nails or cleaning their teeth by any professional. I do recall the neutering part, watching them for signs that the anesthetic was wearing off and suffering for days to make sure their stitches were healing properly. We have had to euthanize 3 of them; I confess I was fortunately not present for any. I am not sure I would have been able to do it, just watching them being buried was hard enough.

As I have written before, Lila is turning 12 in a few months. She looks great and every so often has the energy of a small puppy, especially when chasing iguanas. Lately, though, her favorite activity is lying around the house taking her naps. And why not? Not much happening around here these days.

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