Like New!

The above picture of Lila was taken when she had just arrived. She was curious and when she wasn’t scaring us with her crazy antics of running around chasing her tail, she was very tender and quiet. It was hard not to fall in love with her, even though at the time we had three other dogs to share our attention and time with.

Lila will turn 12 in a couple of months. I’ve written and talked earnestly and endlessly about how “old” she is and how she is slowing down. Due to Covid-19 restrictions and other situations, last year came and went and Lila did not have her annual veterinarian visit. Early in January I set up her appointment and we went to the veterinarian late last week. I was bracing myself for all sorts of things, beginning with what I thought was a significant weight gain. My fears were all unfounded. She gained a very modest pound, nothing to worry about and her blood work came back with such incredible numbers the veterinarian chuckled delightedly and said: “She’s like new! Nothing to worry about although it would be great to get her teeth cleaned.” I promised him I would schedule the appointment and I will later this week.

The relief is immense. I no longer see “the senior” dog, instead I now seek opportunities to let her walk me around the property so that I can get some movement in each day. Funny how things can change quickly, in this case, for the better.

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