Let’s Talk About Pets!

I have always been a dog person but I know my shortcomings and I am not sure whether I would have a pet if I were a young person living on my own. I admire single people who do it because I know that having a four-footed companion entails complications that you don’t have if you live alone and don’t take on that responsibility. You can’t take a trip without arranging for their care, and even when you have the most reliable options available, it still stresses most people. One is as worried about them as if they were children at day care and that makes sense. They are living, breathing beings deserving of our protection and worry.

During the covid pandemic a lot of people have decided to adopt. It makes sense because there is more time at home and it is nice to bond with an animal. I do think about when people resume their lives (they will) and their companions are then stuck in the house alone and wondering when their beloved human is coming back so they can bestow their non-judgmental love on them. 

I look at Lila sleeping/resting silently at my feet as I write. She is consistently receptive of love. I am not always as alert to her needs as I should be. Lately, though, I have been allowing her to take her time when we walk in the grass instead of pulling the leash impatiently so she gets on with it. What if she feels about her walks the way I feel about reading a book? I enjoy reading each sentence slowly, absorbing all the words that fought other words for the chance to stay on the page. It made me decide to take Lila out when I am not in a hurry so I can let her enjoy sniffing to her heart’s content. She deserves that. Don’t they all?

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