Pictures of Furry Companions Are Cerebral Palate Cleansers

Photo by SHVETS production on

These days with so much chaos going on in the world, it is difficult for me to spend any time on social media without ending up feeling hopeless that my “mission in life” desire to be helpful is just not going to succeed. I still scroll my Twitter feed with hopeful anticipation because it was the only platform on which I could always depend for entertainment. In current times, almost nothing positive appears. My feed has become a place where people I don’t even know or follow appear from nowhere to push their negativity. I am reluctant to comment or like anything because shortly thereafter, I am bombarded with content that keeps me stuck in a spiral of bleakness.

I have never been one of those people who follow anything or anyone exclusively. My tastes in just about everything change from minute to minute, season to season and I like it that way. My resentment grows when I feel my preferences are “guessed” by advertisers who then target me for their products. I usually drop out for a while but then I return and go through the same cycle again and again.

I have been rather pleased today that there seem to be more animal lovers appearing on my feed. I love when someone spontaneously posts a picture of their new puppies or kittens or even their aging ones doing something cute or naughty. My heart breaks when someone shares pictures of long term companions that had to be sent to pet heaven but I am happy that in this unlikely meeting place, we are all connected. I can still respond to another person’s joy when getting a new companion, pride when conquering a training issue or grief when having to say goodbye to a faithful friend. I know that I am still alive even though many of today’s real situations make me feel that numbness and acceptance are the only appropriate responses.

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