An Outdoor Pet, Thank Goodness

We will have been living in our current home 20 years in less than a month. It seems unbelievable that two decades have passed since we moved in. Our lives are so different from when we first arrived here. They have been two very good decades, lots of things have been accomplished and lots more things are in the offing. I am eager to explore our options as we age.

I had never thought about having animal companions besides dogs, not even remotely considering cats (even though our daughter’s acquiring of Otis the cat changed that) and certainly never entertaining the idea of a reptile! Many iguanas have crossed our path in the last 20 years, they were simply part of the habitat. I have always been careful about not running them over on the road, but didn’t really give them too much thought beyond that.

Last week as I was making my way back from walking the grounds, the pictured iguana calmly walked ahead of me. I thought maybe it was hurt because the usual reaction when I am on foot and one of them is in the area is for the iguana to scurry away as fast as possible. This one, though, was inching its way back to its favorite perch on some rocks near the pool. I was shocked and flattered that I did not scare it with my presence and since I happened to have my phone with me, I was able to take many pictures before it finally walked a little faster to get comfortable on the rocks and catch some sun.

I read up on what it takes to actually have an iguana as a ‘indoor pet’ and it requires quite a bit of work, both physically and emotionally. I am happy to continue to provide an outdoor sanctuary to the reptiles that find their way here. It is effortless and it does provide joy to know that several generations of them know they will not become our supper any time soon.

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