Precious Furry Friends Save the Day, Always!

I think it’s safe to say that our world is currently a very chaotic and confusing venue. There is nothing but bad news no matter where we look. Signing into any social media platform is almost like having a bucket full of ice cold or really hot water thrown on one: not a pleasant experience! So I am always happy when someone “cleanses” our timeline by sharing and asking us to share pictures of our furry friends.

In the past, I simply scrolled past those entries. Now I find myself being totally caught up in them, especially pictures of kittens and puppies. Sometimes I find myself more captivated by them than by pictures of little babies or toddlers because I know what awaits them once they become more conscious of what the world is about. I feel that pets have a much better chance of a better life because their needs are simpler. They will never (and don’t need to) have to figure out what is going on and what their place in the world of their family is. Everyone is delighted with them, except perhaps the stranger who has yet to get the seal of approval.

In this picture is Canela. She appeared on our property at about 6 months old. She was a gentle giant who never knew just how large she was. She could be fierce but never around us or her fellow four-footed companions. We said goodbye to Canela in April of 2017. She was around 10 years old. She never fully recovered after being hit by a car. She was very special to me because I never thought I would get used to having a large dog around me. We bonded so strongly even looking at her picture now brings me a few tears. I know Canela is in dog heaven and I am grateful for the years we had together. She was very special.

Picture of Canela, my own.

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