What’s All That Noise?

It’s been a very quiet week. So much so that I actually took off (mentally) from writing in any of my blogs. Today for some odd reason, I decided I’d better catch up on blogging plus a host of other responsibilities I had been slacking off on. So here I am!

This is not the right day for writing in this blog but so be it. I need to do short form today, although I confess, most of the time I do write very briefly because I know the sheer volume of material out there that is competing with me on a daily basis. As I was heading to the pool this morning to do my laps, I kept hearing the boisterousness of many species of birds around me. I live in Costa Rica. Birds of all types are the norm around here. The few weeks before the rainy season (now) fills the air with a constant stream of songs from the birds as they seek mates and quickly begin to look for a place in which to establish their nests. I have already discouraged a couple from nesting on one of the spectacular philodendroms I have been nurturing for years. Sorry, guys, there are plenty of trees that you can use for the purpose of shelter and raising your babies, I think, not without regret. But I digress.

It was windy earlier. When I began my descent on the stairs, I noticed the debris from a nest that had recently been built (on our rafters). I was of two minds: on the one hand I felt terrible that the hard work they put in was gone in an instant. On the other hand, I was relieved not to have to deal with the messy droppings that fall right on our recently-painted banisters! A few hours later, I noticed that the birds had gone to a different place and I felt happy about that. Until I saw the lovely oriole making a hole in our screen, no doubt he wants a fancier, sturdier structure for his mate! Ah, nature!

photo my own

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