It’s a Sad World We’re Living In

Photo by Kris Mu00f8klebust on

I’ve been going to bed and waking up in the morning with a sense of gloom and dread. I don’t really succumb easily to negativity; I try not to focus too much on the devastating news from around the world. I stay away from doomsayers who have nothing but scary ideas that they love to share. I turn off the television when it turns out that story after story have predictable endings.

I remind myself that there are lots of good things going on in my own neighborhood. Constructions are exciting and are helping our local economy. The whole town is sparkling after the reopening of our central park with the letters of our county brand proudly identifying some aspects of our small town. It is amazing what can be accomplished when people put their minds and efforts into the small and large projects they can.

Then I turn to look down at my feet and find Lila, faithful Lila, soundly asleep. She must have been missing me. I have not felt like writing and that means she is not able to take her favorite napping place near me.

Lately my husband has been treating us to a few minutes of funny animal videos before we watch any news. It has been a very good tactic. We see the interactions of puppies and babies, those are our favorites. The best is when the same puppies and babies are featured a few months later and you can see the genuine bonding and the physical changes in both. It is so heartwarming and mood boosting that we feel like we can handle a bit of bad stuff. We always return for more happiness. We are both very glad for all the platforms that feature these kinds of short videos. We wish we had thought of making videos of our crazy, silly dogs over the years but it seems we were always too busy doing something else. It’s a shame. Now Lila is older and although I still take lots of pictures and videos, it would have been nice to have a few of her when she was a puppy! Oh, well, no sense regretting. Only going forward.

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