Grooming at Home!

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on

We’d been bringing Lila to the groomers regularly for a while. Lila is 12. She doesn’t really enjoy the experience and I felt terrible about doing it but when I was bathing her in the past, her constant struggling and tangling herself around me dangerously was beginning to scare me. I began to feel old and feeble.

We were originally very pleased with the groomers, Lila seemed okay about going and enjoyed the treats she received from them and us afterwards. I don’t know when it changed, really. We began to notice that she didn’t look as clean as we hoped. Her hair was getting a reddish tint. Her nails were not as trimmed as we liked. We began to suspect dry shampoo was being used.

So the last time we felt she really needed a bath, I volunteered to do it and bravely set everything up to bathe Lila in one of our shower stalls. The poor creature was horrified and although she behaved decently enough I was certain I would fall and break something. Breaking something at 66 is never a good idea. Lila did not enjoy the adventure and I did not look forward to repeating it.

This weekend, I knew we could wait no more to bathe her again. She was pretty dirty and beginning to smell. I took a deep breath, set up the outdoor area I used long ago, regulated the water so it was warm and comfortable and got to work. Lila’s behavior was stellar. She didn’t pull, she didn’t fight, she let me bathe her and it was such a pleasant experience I am sure she has forgotten all the other times.

For now, I will try to keep a regular schedule of grooming. It’s cheaper and at least now I know that she is clean because I did it myself. Hopefully future baths will be equally rewarding for us both.

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