Poor Lila has to wear a cone for a few days. When I was grooming her the last time, I noticed a growth on her hip that gave me some concern. We brought her to the vet and he determined that it was a tumor that had become infected and needed surgery.

I am always reluctant about surgery. It’s the anesthesia that concerns me, especially when our pets are older. Nevertheless, I bravely confronted my fear, placed my faith in our surgeon and all is well so far. We have not received the results of the biopsies but I am hopeful that the four tumors that were removed from Lila are benign.

Lila has behaved wonderfully throughout although she does run away from me when I am approaching to spray the antibiotic on her wounds. I don’t imagine it stings or hurts but it is cold and probably startles her. I am going to have to sneak up on her, it’s not something I like doing but I know that the spray is meant to ward off infection. Poor Lila but there is no choice!

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