Fancy Dogs vs Rescue Dogs

Photo by Emir Saucedo on

I had a miniature schnauzer once. Her name was Penny…well really her official title was Princess Penelope and she came with all her credentials! I don’t recall whose idea it was that we invest in her except that we had adopted two rescue dogs that had to be taken back to the rescue center because they were violent and not suitable for our situation. I don’t know what made us think we could have a pet, we both worked full time and attended night college. The dogs were home alone most of the day. In retrospect, it seems like cruelty and I am ashamed I took part in it.

But back to Penny. She was delightful. We picked her up at the breeder’s and it took no time at all to see why the breeder was selling her. She had a tiny defect in one of her eyes that would render her less than suitable as a breeding mate. I loved her from the start. We lived in New Jersey but moved to Puerto Rico when she was about 4. By that time, she and I had a strong bond and I knew all her moods and vice versa.

My life circumstance change abruptly and I was unable to travel back to New York with Penny. Fortunately, I had a good friend who took Penny in. I provided a year’s worth of financial support and even paid for surgery when it was discovered that Penny had developed kidney stones. I lost touch with my friend after a decade but she still had Penny well into old age. She was a rare and wonderful companion. I remember her fondly not because of her pedigree but because of her wonderful temperament. Our Lila, now 12, is not pedigreed but she is just as lovable and loved as any furry companion we’ve ever had.


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