A Missing Iguana

I like to brag to people that our property is a safe haven for the many creatures that decide to stay here. We have all sorts of birds, geckos, a stray cat, recently a baby boa constrictor that was adopted by a herpetologist and many, many iguanas. I have written about the iguanas before, how they used to run from me and now they accompany me while I swim my laps.

A recent picture I took (above) shows three of them sunning their bodies. I delight in the company and the fact that they let me talk to them (gently, softly) and pose for me. I was extremely upset and sad that my husband and I discovered that our ancient (12 years old) dog, Lila, can actually be motivated to chase and harm the iguanas. She does go after birds but unable to fly, she can’t do much.

Last Saturday, we tried to rescue an iguana from her grasp but it was too late, the damage had been done; it was too much for the iguana to survive. I had mixed feelings about this, very mixed feelings. On the one hand, it is her natural instinct. On the other hand, the iguana was simply feeling part of the environment, much like her siblings and parents have done.

We gave it a burial. It took Lila a couple of days to fully recover. And now we are more careful to walk her on the leash even on our own grounds. She lost a bit of privilege but we don’t want to unnecessarily lose more iguanas.

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