A day in the life…

Lila has been with us for just under 8 years. In that time, I have come to learn a lot about her and a lot about me…

When Lila first arrived on the scene, she was hurt and scared and exhibited some rather strange behavior. Although we entertained (for five minutes!) the idea of putting her up for adoption, we realized that we would probably never do it since it had been established that we were a pretty easy going family who loved dogs and have plenty of space for them!

Lila was apparently the victim of some abuse and maybe from a man since she growled most energetically whenever men came too close. I imagine that she was perhaps disciplined by one because she was just a puppy and had those mischievous behaviors that young puppies do when they are just getting acquainted with the world. In addition to that, she was most likely teething and was very good at chewing her way through several leashes if left unsupervised for any length of time.


Lila chewed blanket corner!

A person in the neighborhood told me that Lila had once set herself free from her enclosure and another time, actually jumped out of the window of a car. I suppose it was jumping out the window of the car that eventually led her to our property. It is really hard to say. The upshot, of course, was that she was injured. How she was able to walk to our field will always remain a mystery.

The early days of Lila´s arrival were somewhat frantic. She chewed constantly, she was very nervous and sometimes she exhibited behaviours that made me think she was mad (as in crazy). She would growl at nothing tangible and chase her tail. We were afraid to get close to her when she was this way.  It took a while but we finally got used to her displays and learned to give her a wide berth when she was “nuts”. We described the behavior to the veterinarian who gave us medication to help with her anxiety. I never actually thought I would fall for this kind of thing (giving anti anxiety medication to a pet) but we did try it for a while. When I realized Lila was no different with or without medication, I stopped administering it, reasoning the high cost and the side effects. She seems to have mellowed out somewhat, perhaps her age (almost 9) has been responsible for that.

I can’t remember life before Lila actually; I think that happens to most of us. Just like I can’t always remember what it was like when all the kids lived at home and I was busy being Betty Crocker!

Lila fills my heart with joy. She is never far from her humans and loves to follow us around everywhere. She is probably the dog I will become most fond of simply because we are both experiencing growing older together in the latter part of our lives. May we both live for many years to come.

Photo of blanket my own.




Little Sol was born on August 6, 2001, the same day our daughter
turned 6. She was the runt of a litter that had 7 other siblings. Her
mother had shown up on our property at the start of our house
construction, just a puppy perhaps 6 months old herself. Although
I had asked the men who were on the building site to chase her
away, they were not able to do so. We named her Lucky (to have
found us!) and we all know that once you name a dog, it’s yours.

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A loyal companion

Canela appeared on our property around December 2007. She was
just a puppy but we already had two dogs at that point and I felt it
was not a good idea to add another one to the mix.

We brought her to the vet to get her shots and have her spayed with
the idea that after her surgery was completed and her recuperation
was finished, we could ask the good doctor to put her up for
adoption. My young daughter and son, having a pretty good idea of
my personality went along with this idea. I suppose they knew
that after a couple of weeks of having Canela living with us,
putting her up for adoption would not happen. They were right!
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Meeting the community

I was “instructed” today (on Blog University courtesy of WordPress) that my assignment for today is to follow five blogs…I guess that sounds simple enough but the real task is to only pick five from the wonderful choices out there. But who knows, maybe I’ll pick your blog and then we can follow each other and do some mutual encouragement.

Here goes! Good luck.

My first public blog post

Actually, I have been blogging for a while under different “sites”. I don’t really know why I am feeling a little confused about the fact that I have been writing for a while but I am not getting the traffic I desire and rarely do I receive any kind of feedback. The purpose of creating this blog years ago was so that I would  have a commitment to meet each day: namely to write and publish something. However, I started to see some really worthwhile posts and

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