Lila’s Anniversary!

Lila showed up at our house 12 years ago the end of August. We already had 3 dogs and I had been very forceful in telling everyone that we would not be adding any more pets. In this small town, there are lots of homeless animals and the organizations that help them are always looking for volunteer foster homes but since that is how we got the other 3 dogs, I was reluctant to accept any more.

At the time Lila showed up, our “main” indoor pet was a cocker/golden retriever mix who was sweet but moody. She was queen of the farm and was barking without pause until my daughter and I stepped outside to see what was going on. There was Lila (not her name at the time), a puppy of around 6 months, shyly sitting under a tree. My daughter and I approached carefully and she didn’t run away. We noticed she had eaten herself free from whatever post she had been tethered to and that one of her paws was injured.

I looked at my daughter and saw her instant bond with this new arrival. I knew immediately that I was in trouble. I agreed to take her to the vet, have her paw mended and foster her until she healed before we would look for her owners. Of course in those couple of weeks, no owner came to claim her and the bond was by then too strong to even contemplate looking for another home for her. She became our pet.

In the years since Lila arrived, we have lost our other three pets to old age and only Lila remains. She has been an incredible companion which goes to show that one never knows. My husband and I (now empty nesters as well) sometimes talk about getting another dog to give Lila a companion but we have not made a decision. We are older and would not like to have our companion outlive us. For now, Lila is a wonderful fit as we are all three slowing down, and smelling the roses!

picture of Lila taken earlier this week. At 12 1/2 she looks pretty good.

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