A Special Month

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

I noticed on the Fourth of July that lots of references were being made to how bad for our furry friends fireworks are. In this day of post-covid and finally easing restrictions, I know people were out and about and looking forward to celebrating the evening gazing into the sky and seeing gorgeous lights there. Alas, many were disappointed but I bet the dogs of the vicinities were happy.

Here in Costa Rica we will celebrate our independence in a couple of weeks and I wonder what will happen here. Fireworks are expensive and businesses everywhere are claiming that Covid-related costs have made them rethink the places where they spend their discretionary budgets. It will be interesting. I watch Lila as she lies on the floor next to my feet, her favorite place when I am writing. Her breathing is steady, she is deeply asleep. I feel content, knowing she is calm. I think I vote for no fireworks this year. Wouldn’t you?

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