National Love Your Pets Day!

Have you ever seen a cuter face? I am so enamored of this, our almost-ten year old, Shar-pei/Lab mix who snuck into our home as a young puppy all those years ago! She is so smart, a little timid, outrageously fierce when/if she feels any kind of threat in the vicinity. She can be awfully lazy too, but I suppose it is a product of her age, a natural evolution as it has been with all of us as well.

Today, I just saw is Love Your Pet Day so in honor of all our cats and dogs and whatever else you have for a pet, show them some extra love.

Pets are amazing. In the coming days, months, years, I really hope to devote a little more time to let you all know how wonderful my Lila is. She seems to know exactly what we need, when we need it and when it is okay for her to go off on her own and explore the neighborhood that is our country home!

Enjoy your day with your pet.

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