A Visiting Blue-Gray Tanager

These two little birds have been hanging around our property for months. The picture doesn’t do them justice really; it was taken from many feet away, with a non-professional camera. Still, like my mother used to say, it is not the camera or the skill of the photographer, it is capturing a moment that might not repeat itself while you search for the optimum tool and person! She was right. So often I find myself with blurry pictures but crisp-clear memories that allow me to recall that one perfect second in Nature. Nothing beats that.

I saw one of the birds yesterday, eating the berry from a jasmine shrub below. The bird was on the railing and before it had finished eating, the berry fell to the lower deck. I was wondering aloud why the bird didn’t simply eat the berry on the lower deck and avoid losing it. My husband remarked that it was probably a defense mechanism for protecting itself from the many predators below. I see the wisdom of this thinking, after all they have managed to stay alive for many many years!

image of blue-gray tanagers my own

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