Animal Intuition

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If you have ever owned a dog for a long time, you begin to develop a relationship that is not easy to explain. Dogs are wonderfully intuitive. After years of spending time with mine, I can affirm that we are pretty much in sync when it comes to our moods. Sometimes when I am sitting contemplating the horizon, waiting for the muse to visit with me, Lila will come over and nudge me a little. If I am not in the mood to pet her, she will go run circles around me and place her body under my hand until I get the message that she is not going away until she is able to convince me to do her will! I smile, comply and after a few minutes, we are both satisfied with our connection and move on to the next thing.

The next thing for Lila is to take her place at my feet. She is content now to just lie there until I move to another area. She will follow me there. If my husband is up and about, she is sometimes conflicted, placing herself somewhere between us, just like one of our other dogs (in dog heaven now) used to when our children were young and she didn’t want to play favorites. That was Winnie, the “nanny” dog.

Lila is a bit nervous. She is now 10. Her eyesight is going and because she had some sort of trauma in her early years (she showed up at our home, no explanation!), we have learned to tolerate her sometimes zany behavior and comfort her as we can. Every once in a while, she will leap high into the air for no apparent reason. I often think she can feel leaf cutter ants that have their nests deep in the earth but my husband doesn’t think this is a logical conclusion. I beg to differ with him but I usually let the subject drop. No sense in arguing when neither of us will ever really know the answer. Lila will never be able to tell us.

Pets are so amazing. In these Covid times, they can sense our discomfort. And I am sure more than one pet is celebrating having their human around all the time and will suffer if/when most people return to work. Whatever changes may come I am glad that I have been WFH and now retired for a few decades!

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