Home Sweet Home

The ride to the airport on Saturday was a little better for Otis. We secured some medication and although it was difficult for my daughter to give it to him, we all agreed that it was the best for his comfort and safety and to make the process as smooth as possible. In the taxi he cried a little bit but nothing compared to the other day when we took him to the vet. My heart went out to him regardless and I hoped the trip would seem short for both him and my daughter.

We arrived early as our family usually does for international travel. We said a quick goodbye to our daughter because lingering over these leave-takings produces too many emotions and makes me cry. Off she went with a porter, her suitcases and her travel companion, Otis. Once inside she texted that instead of going to a private room for Otis to be examined, the attendant required her to take Otis out of his travel bag and she had to carry him through the scanner. She agreed that having a mildly-sedated Otis had been a good call.

The flight was uneventful, the airplane was not full and Otis slept for most of it. It was a long day for both of them but now all is well and although he surely misses the tropics, there was a nest growing outside one window and another nest with a few chicks in another window. No doubt the chirps will keep Otis entertained and feeling like he is on familiar ground until he returns here later this year. Home sweet home!

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