It was a very long afternoon for Lila on 12/30, my father’s 90th birthday.

We had many visitors and Lila, unaccustomed to that many people in the house, took to being very quiet and cautious while at the same time, friendly with those she knew.

It made me think about her reaction when meeting people for the first time. We have had the same cleaning person for more than 4 years and Lila still growls softly, suspiciously when the woman enters our home. The woman thinks it is because she once accidentally struck Lila with the broom. On Sunday, a stranger (to Lila) whom I am not sure whether to trust or not received requests for petting! They say dogs can sense goodness or evil in people, maybe my suspicion is not on target. After all, we have not been able to prove that disappearing items have been extracted by this person. On the other hand, does a bad habit (lying, stealing, eavesdropping, gossiping) make a person “evil”? Lots to think about.


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