Nature and Its Cycles!

I suppose most of us who blog or read blogs are primarily writers. So you’ll all understand when I say that the muse has just gotten harder and harder to find in the midst of the chaos that is reigning in the world.  I find myself gravitating in unhealthy ways towards my twitter feed every instant, then at night I feel awful that I haven’t been doing any writing.

Last week, I shared about the snake that was hanging around the property. Shortly after I wrote, I told the story to my neighbor who bragged that perhaps the snake had eaten the injured small lizard her cat had pounced on. I have never been a cat person and the news that she might have hurt a lizard who then ended up in the belly of a snake did not sit well with me. Then I remembered all about the cycle of nature and I decided there are enough lizards on the property to share the odd one with a hungry snake.

Just after that, I discovered a nasty little grasshopper that I blame for eating the gorgeous flowers of my orchid and confess that while I didn’t kill him, I did knock him off the leaf he was resting on and have been keeping a close eye out to see if he returns. So far, he’s keeping his distance. And not a moment too soon!

Picture my own


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