I feel guilty right now. Earlier in the day, Lila and I were walking together. It isn’t a common occurrence for us as Lila is more often in my husband’s company. I decided she could accompany me on my morning walk around the property and she was happy to come along. In general, I have begun to avoid climbing up and down stairs, choosing the path along our property instead. It takes longer but I am 65 now and running up and down steps or stairs is something I avoid.

In my New York City youth, I ran up and down the stairs to catch a subway that was just about to close its doors more often than not. If I were living in New York today, I would just wait for the next one. It’s not that my knees hurt exactly but the joints do complain and lately I’ve been listening to them. I take my daily glucosamine, heck I’ve even been considering adding turmeric pills too but they are pretty costly. So I’ve decided to cut out the booze for January, try to drop a few pounds and opt for ramps and paths instead of stairs and steps. I am committed and I hope that January will see me practicing those mental disciplinary actions I know will be effective.

So back to Lila and my reason for feeling guilty. Lila is almost 11. Using various formulas, I have concluded that Lila is close to 80 in dog years. I didn’t really take in that fact earlier as I was walking ahead of her and having to turn around to make sure she was following. I am used to thinking of her as just being 11, not the aging loving mongrel she is. I called to her and jokingly said “Come on, you old arthritic mutt, you’re holding me up!”…and then just as quickly I could hear my mother’s voice in my ear asking me why I was announcing to Lila that she was old and arthritic. I sighed, felt awful and changed my tune immediately.

Lucky for me, Lila is forgiving and as I write these words, she lies by my feet as she does every time I sit by the computer. Thank goodness for our non-judgmental pets!

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