Funny Furry Pals!

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I think I read somewhere that even looking at pictures of companion animals lowers our stress levels. I believe it. There is no question that funny or heartwarming videos of our furry friends make us smile and see the world just a little brighter because they exist. Otis is home in the U.S. with my daughter now. Every morning since Friday (and I know it hasn’t been long!) I have woken up and panicked that I was late to feed him, then I recalled that in fact, Otis is not here anymore. I would like to say that I am not affected by his departure but that would be a faulty statement that I am not willing to make.

My daughter has sent me pictures of Otis adjusting to life in the new house. He looks pretty content and from the picture this morning that showed him completely passed out on her bed, I think he is going to be just fine. Our companions are certainly not immune to our love or the differences between the humans that interact with them. While he was with me, Otis did not get picked up even once. I was too intimidated when I saw his teeth one day that he didn’t like something I did. His exposed teeth and his growl were enough to encourage me to keep my distance. My daughter, however, didn’t hesitate at all; she simply picked him up and planted tender kisses on his head. If I got a kitten that grew up getting attention and affection from me, I would not have been so aloof but with Otis I found that the more aloof I was, the more he found me approachable.

I think we both did a good job and now have a new bond that we can refer to in future visits. Thanksgiving will give us the opportunity to renew it.

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