Dogs and Snow!

Photo by Leyla Ku0131lu0131u00e7 on

My preference for warm weather makes me shriver just to look at pictures or videos of dogs in the snow. I cannot imagine that walking a dog in the snow can be fun but in the past few days, I have seen plenty of videos that show that dogs not only walk in the snow, they really enjoy rolling around and seem immune to the cold.

When I researched the topic of dogs and cold weather I admit I never considered all the safety precautions one must take before heading out. Dogs need their exercise, in cold and in warm weather. I vaguely remember someone once mentioning how dangerous anti-freeze is for dogs but I never had to worry about it because we didn’t have any dogs when we lived in New York. It is good to keep that in mind because anti-freeze is used in places with warm weather too.

One of the things we promised our children when we moved to the tropics was that we would be able to get a dog. I recall how tiresome it became after a few years just to leave our apartment (31st floor) to get outside to school or the playground. Manhattan hi-rise buildings are not made for children with bikes or strollers. It often added 15 minutes to our schedule and I always felt like I was running against the clock, oftentimes I was.

Yesterday I was looking at pictures of dogs in their fashionable coats and warm booties and I had to smile and admit they looked very sharp and happy. I am content to scroll the TL cleansers provided by canine lovers who enjoy braving the cold so their canine companions can get their steps in. I will continue to enjoy the view from the comfort of my recliner as I monitor the steady breathing of my own tropical companion, Lila!

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